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March 10, 2015  

Jason Harris and Rashid Owoyele (Image: SaberComm)

Recently Jason Harris of Jason's Connection sat down for a fascinating interview with Rashid Owoyele of Design Impact, a firm that helps nonprofits use design thinking to better serve their constituents.

Design thinking is a creative problem-solving process that businesses and nonprofits can use to improve their services.

Owoyele describes his work as being "at the intersection of social justice and service design."

Design can move us "from how things are to how they ought to be."
"We think professionals are the only people who's opinions matter, but...every human's experience matters. Everyone...has a valuable perspective."

For more information on Design Impact, please visit: http://www.d-impact.org/

For more information on Studio C, please visit: http://www.studiocincinnati.org/

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